Kievlan-McGuffee Design Services, Inc.

Jean and Julie

Kievlan-McGuffee Design Services, Inc. is a full-service design company providing consultation, promotion, television and video presentations, new product ideas and product development support for many leading manufacturers in the Arts & Crafts industry. Kievlan-McGuffee was the first consulting company to recognize the importance of scrapbooking as a category and was sought out, not only by manufacturers, but by other consulting companies in the industry.

Education is one of the most important aspects of the Arts & Crafts Industry. Jean and Julie taught Super Shops, Mega Seminars and classes at major trade and consumer shows to promote product for the manufacturers they work/worked with. Jean continues to conduct extensive educational classes and Julie presents seminars for CHA on the importance of demonstration and design to increase product sales.


Both Jean and Julie have authored an extensive list of craft books and work published by Design Originals, Leisure Arts, Bluegrass Publishing and independent manufacturers.

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